Desuverenizacija i deteritorijalizacija Bosne i Hercegovine / Sovereignity Stripping and Deteritorialization of Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Semir Halilović University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Political Sciences / Univerzitet u Sarajevu, Fakultet političkih nauka


Bosnia and Herzegovina, sovereignity, teritorial integrity, Dayton Peace Agreement, ZAVNOBiH


ZAVNOBIH's principle that Bosnia and Herzegovina is "both Serbian, Croatian, and Muslim" experienced its penultimate, destructive phase through the constitutional principles of the Washington and Dayton Peace Accords. The principle of constitutivity in Bosnia and Herzegovina was, de facto, introduced through the ZAVNOBiH resolution, that is, de jure through the SFRY Constitution (1974), the Washington and Dayton Peace Agreements. It is an internal mechanism that makes Bosnia and Herzegovina a fragile, unfinished and self-destructive state. "Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina" is the name most commonly used today in the Bosnian scientific research community to describe, at the same time, the project of the United States and regional political representatives, and to express the distance from "real" Bosnia and Herzegovina as it should be. The creation of Dayton reality did not embody contemporary socio-political needs, nor did it satisfy the historical or mythological desires of any of Bosnia and Herzegovina's three constituent ethnic
groups. Constitutivity stops the development of the state and society, on the one hand, but also keeps the three constitutive ethnicities in mutual counterbalance, on the other hand. Just as during the Second World War, Bosnia and Herzegovina paid for its position in "Tito's" Yugoslavia by reducing its historical borders, denying the Bosniak nation and de-sovereignizing the country, so after the last aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina, the territorial inauguration of the constituent ethnic groups was constitutionally inaugurated. As the next step backwards. The strengthening of ethnic society and their territorial units in Bosnia and Herzegovina leads to a process of deep de-sovereignization of the state and atomization of Bosnian society, and states without sovereignty, as a unity of power, i.e. without a compact society, can hardly survive.




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