Unifikacija komuniciranja i kulture u savremenosti / Present Day Unification of Communication and Culture


  • Mustafa Sefo University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Political Sciences / Univerzitet u Sarajevu, Fakultet političkih nauka


communication, culture, social change, unification, mass media


The century in which we live is characterized by economic and political changes, but mostly the changes in communication. In addition to the influence and impact in the field of economics and politics, there is a significant impact in the field of culture and communication, both individual and societal. Parallel to this, it is possible to overcome political boundaries between countries, and to establish faster and easier inter-state and inter-cultural communication. However, this expanded subcultural global outcome not only facilitates, but also changes the disposition of communication by partially or – depending on place or time  –  almost completely unifying it. Globalization has in itself reinforced the role, importance, and especially the need for the use of mass media and their ever-diversifying content. The thirst for information and communication is a significant part of modern (rich) life. The individual is struggling through revolutionary technology and has not yet been able to identify or figure out how these "benefits" harm him as a human being. As researchers of social, and especially communication trends, we can even less precisely verify the way in which all communication changes affect society. Today, society is rated and evaluated by the degree of technically supported communication rather than by the direct and cultural way of communicating. Traditional values ​​disappear, and new values ​​are emerging, and in a certain way - new products. All or most of the various forms of communication are intensively studied within the context of various social sciences and disciplines such as sociology of media, communicology, mediology, information theory [1], but most of all mass communication, because of its global impact on mankind, that has been successfully carried through by most global media corporations. The consequences of the influence of mass media are not narrowly individual or isolated, but synergistically affect the knowledge, opinion, feelings and behaviors both on an individual and systemic level as well as on society as a whole.




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