Suverenitet i Bosna i Hercegovina / Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sovereignty

Postmoderna paradigma / Postmodern Paradigm?


  • Pavle Mijović University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Catholic Theology/Univerzitet u Sarajevu, Katolički bogoslovni fakultet


The paper entitled “Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sovereignity: Postmodern Paradigm?” defines as its goal to question the term sovereignty as it has been profiled in Modern philosophic and political thought that in fact exists today. Reviewing the various sovereignty concepts aims at pointing how it can be perceived as a boundary term containing a unique incompleteness of international orders. The paper's second part is going to provide an analysis of the sovereignty concepts found at several contemporary authors (Carl Schmitt and Giorgio Agamben). After formulating the aforestated theoretical framework, the third part
observes the BH sovereignty. That segment of paper will try to resolve a question boiling to the one whether is possible to speak about BH sovereignty, taking into regard constitutional and other constraints, through the lenses of a new paradigm of sovereignty. Due to atypical constitutional organization, it is dire need to fortify theoretically the present sovereignty that de iure and de facto does exist through contemporary viewing of sovereignty, not through bygone categories that are antiquated in present social order. This paper attempts to present a possible postmodern theoretical framework for rethinking sovereignty in the specific locus – the one in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




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