Socijalna politika u svjetlu reformske agende / Social Politics in the Light of Reform Agenda


  • Salih Fočo University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy / Univerzitet u Sarajevu, Filozofski fakultet


reform agenda, social policy, social benefits, income, business operations, taxes and contributions, reduction of social benefits, restriction of reforms, social sector transition


The Agenda is a set of measures that need to be undertaken by Authorities at all levels in order to ensure that the money invested is returned within the agreed deadline, that reforms are implemented and positive result achieved thus guaranteeing that the money invested provides a positive effect on changes of the social status of a particular country. Therefore, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank do not provide money to offset interest or a certain profit, but to help make positive changes in a particular country. Our Authorities have committed themselves to the necessary steps and measures that will support and implement the changes. The letter of intent was harmonized and adopted by all structures and levels of authority. This letter, in essence, has the same meaning as the laws adopted by the competent authorities. Authorities should essentially demonstrate their commitment to reforms for consistency of the legal, economic and social system that will enable reform implementation and achievement of the desired goals.
The basic idea of the agenda is to reduce the burden on company and employee income. In essence, the role and the state's position in the sphere of work and earnings are changing. The state needs to create the most favorable conditions for companies to function and do business, for employment growth and increase in earnings, for relieving and reducing control and appropriation from the income generated by workers and companies in the business process. It is therefore a set of savings measures that should give positive results in the area of employment and hiring and unburdening of the economy.




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