Bosnia Porphyriana

An Outline of the Development of Logic in Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Nijaz Ibrulj University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy / Univerzitet u Sarajevu, Filozofski fakultet


logic, education, Isagoge, Bosnia Porphyriana, schoolsystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The text is a drought outlining the development of logic in Bosnia and Herzegovina through several periods of history: period of Ottoman occupation and administration of the Empire, period of Austro-Hungarian occupation and administration of the Monarchy, period of Communist regime and administration of the Socialist Republic and period from the aftermath of the aggression against the Republic of Bosnia andHerzegovina to this day (the Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina) and administration of the International Community. For each of the aforementioned periods, the text treats the organization of education, the educational paradigm of the model, status of logic as a subject in the educational system of a period, as well as the central figures dealing with the issue of logic (as researchers, lecturers, authors) and the key works written in each of the periods, outlining theirmain ideas. Thework of a Neoplatonic philosopher Porphyry, “Introduction” (Greek: ; Latin: Isagoge; Arabic: Īsāġūğī), can be seen, in all periods of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the main text, the principal textbook, as a motivation for logical thinking. That gave me the right to introduce the syntagm Bosnia Porphyriana.




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