A Hundred Years of the University Periodical Pregled 1910-2010 Print
Editorial Board of journal Pregled headed by Professor Mustafa Imamović, to mark hundred years of its first entered print, has published anniversary edition 1910-2010 in which can be find scanned texts from period since 1910 and further. According to different fields, all texts deal with cultural and scientific history Bosnian and Herzegovinian society during 20th century, and that is why they represent an important document of times in which they emerged. Because of extensiveness of the material, the texts for this festive edition were published in two volumes.


“This edition aims to present to the scientific and broader public the 100 years of journal Pregled, which first entered print in 1910 and has since been published with periodic interruptions. This anniversary carries special significance for our social and scientific situation because of the fact that responsible and committed work in the field of science, i.e. culture in the broader sense, can produce important results and provide an example of how remarkable material can be compiled in a hundred years.  More than 500 volumes of Pregled published in the period from 1910 to 2010 stand as a rich source of information, announcements, reviews, analyses and studies – all bearing witness to cultural and scientific history of the 20th century Bosnia and Herzegovina. Editorial boards to date, especially those after 1946, placed special focus on maintaining the quality of works published, thus by reading and analyzing numerous texts, one can gain a clear insight into the scientific and expert dignity of the journal’s content.” – stated in the preface to this edition.

Next to Glasnik Zemaljskog muzeja, Pregled is the second oldest journal In Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also one of the oldest journals for society critics and theory on the Ex-Yugoslavia Region.

Promotion ceremony of this edition is planned to be held in Rectorate of the University of Sarajevo.