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Current social, economic, legal and political processes are at the heart of comprehending the culture-historical developments, in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and the contemporary world. New issues have emerged that require the rethinking of traditional and empirical thinking in the areas of social sciences and humanities. The Pregled journal provides an academic platform for the presentation of research and theoretical analysis of journal’s main areas of interest – social sciences and humanities. Pregled welcomes contributions from both established and younger scholars at the University of Sarajevo, as well as other contributions at the theoretical debates in aforementioned areas of interest. All submissions are peer reviewed to a high standard.



Authors will be required to conform fully with the approved style of the journal, which is given here:

Basic Formatting:

1.    Paper setting: A 4 (21,59 x 27,94 cm)

2.    Articles should be prepared in a basic word-processing program like Word and submitted as a *.doc/*.docx file;

3.    Line spacing set to 1 throughout the document;

4.    12 point font (Times New Roman preferably) used throughout the document;

5.    Margins set to 2,54 cm. on all four sides of the paper;

6.    Use of any other formatting styles is forbidden;

7.    Use of any other headers and footers is forbidden;

8.    All pages of the entire manuscript ought to be serially numbered.

Body of the article:

1.  Author’s name, surname and occupation;

2.  Name of the institution where the author works;

3.  Author’s email address;

4.  Article’s title in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and English language;

5.  Summary of about 250 words (in English and third person) and a list of 5-7 key words, placed after the summary;

6. Reference list.

-    When working in details certain segments of some issue, that bodies of text should fall under precise subheadings;

-    Abbreviations and symbols, if used, ought to be accompanied with corresponding explanations;

-    Tables, photographs, charts etc. ought to be serially numbered and have their original sources clearly referenced;

-    The required length of articles is 16 pages, including all material;

-    Article’s summary should present general overview of the subject, used methodology, obtained results and conclusion;

-    Keywords ought to be terms appearing in the text, excluding the overly general or wide ones;

-    Author should provide, at the end of the article, the numbered list of used reference entries alphabetically by surnames of authors, without dividing entries into source categories (monographs, journals, books of proceedings, archive material, web pages etc.). Multiple works by same author should be listed in ascending chronological order;

-    Author’s choice of language (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) and script (Latin or Cyrillic) will be adhered in articles;

-    Submitted articles ought to be proofread.

Authors will give written statement that submitted article is copyrighted material having been not previously published, or offered to some other journal for publishing.

Articles that do not adhere to the aforementioned rules risk being rejected.

Submitted articles will be required to adhere to Harvard style referencing. Full instructions can be found at the following link:


Articles can be submitted by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Contact person: Fuada Muslić, Grad. Eng. Lit., Editorial Board Assistant (Tel. 00 387 33 221 946)


University of Sarajevo

Pregled Board of Editors

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71000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina


25th of September 2014