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Pregled is the oldest journal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, published since 1910, with shorter and longer interruptions. After a 13-year-long pause, the University of Sarajevo Senate passed a decision at a session held 26 December 2002 to launch the journal and appoint an editorial board of seven members. Prof. dr. Salih Fočo, a full-time professor at the Sarajevo Faculty of Philosophy, was appointed as the editor-in-chief.

In accordance with the University of Sarajevo Senate’s Decision No. 01-34-436/13 of 29th of May 2013, instead of the Pregled : Periodical for Social Issues Editorial Board member, Prof. Dr. Enes Duraković, retired full professor from the University of Sarajevo Faculty of Philosophy, a new member has been appointed to the Editorial Board - Prof. Dr. Salih Fočo, full professor at the University of Sarajevo Faculty of Philosophy. Therefore, the Editorial Board of the Pregled : Periodical for Social Issues now constitutes of the following members:

- Prof. Dr. Senadin Lavić, Editor-In-Chief
- Prof. Dr. Marina Katnić-Bakaršić, Editor-In-Chief  Deputy
- Prof. Dr. Uzeir Bavčić, Executive Editor
- Prof. Dr. Elvir Čizmić, Member
- Prof. Dr. Enes Durmišević, Member
- Prof. Dr. Salih Fočo, Member
- Prof. Dr. Mirko Pejanović, Member
- Prof. Dr. Hidajet Repovac, Member and
- Prof. Dr. Midhat Mekić, Member.


The Managing Board supported this editorial board and renewed their mandate. 

By the Managing Board’s decision no. 02-14-196/09 from 03 December 2009, an international board of editors was appointed for the Pregled journal: 

1. Prof. dr. Zvonko Kovač, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb,
2. Prof. dr. Mitja Velikonja, Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana,
3. Prof. dr. Dragan Prole, Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad,
4. Prof. dr. Dragan Milanović, Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb,
5. Prof. dr. Veselin Vukotić, Faculty of International Economy, Finance and Business, University of Donja Gorica (Montenegro)
6. Prof. dr. Milan Podunavac, Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade,
7. Prof. dr. Vesna Požgaj Hadži, Faculty of Philosophy in Ljubljana and
8. Prof. dr. Stanka Setnikar Cankar, Faculty of Management, University of Ljubljana.
Pregled is a modern journal, treating complex issues in the country and the world. It encompasses economic, political and intellectual turbulence and vacillations of the contemporary moment. In its conception and structure, Pregled is more versatile than any other journal in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is available to all the universities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to the countries of former Yugoslavia. It is distributed to some 200 addresses in the country and abroad. 

We hereby invite all the authors from our country and beyond to send their expert articles, comments, reviews, translations and other texts exclusively in e-format, to the following address:

Univerzitet u Sarajevu
Obala Kulina bana 7/II
71000 Sarajevo
ATT Mrs. Fuada Muslić, Editorial Board Secretary
or via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You may contact Mrs. Fuada Muslic for all infirmation on:
(033) 221-946 or via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it